COMMISSION UPDATES: Commissions are CLOSED! Next opening will be at the beginning of June. Headbang YCH will also be available and announced very soon!HI, I'M TINA!

I am a full-time emote artist and illustrator. I have been creating digital art and freelancing for over 5 years!
I have worked with many creators such as: Kalei, Avery, Sommerset, Blake, TiffaJessi, ClaraAtWork, Natarsha, Riley and Fandy.
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All artworks shown are either commissions or personal art and are NOT for public use. Please do not edit/steal or repost.

emotes | $40 USD each

‣ Sizes: 112px, 56px, 28px
‣ I do NOT make: Gore, Mecha, Muscles, or Nudity.
‣ Commissions are personal use only, non-commercial.
‣ All commissioners must pay a +5% fee for tax.

‣ 6 recolored badges $55 USD
‣ 6 unique badges $180 USD

‣ SIZES: 72px, 36px, 18px
‣ $5 per additional recolored badge
‣ $10 per badge with small modifications
‣ $30 per badge with a completely different design
‣ All commissioners must pay a +5% fee for tax.

simple animated emote | $80 USD each
complex frame by frame animation | $100 USD each

‣ Sizes: 112px
‣ Includes emote design and animation.
‣ Price may vary depending on complexity.
‣ Commissions are personal use only, non-commercial.
‣ All commissioners must pay a +5% fee for tax.

merchandise licensing

‣ Commissions are personal use only, non-commercial unless license is purchased.
‣ If interested in creating merchandise, commissioner must pay an additional 50% regarding royalties/buying the rights.
‣ All profit and merchandise sales belong to commissioner, after license has been signed and approved.
‣ Additional fees would be required to create your work in a larger resolution for merchandise. (Must be stated before starting commission)
‣ The agreement does NOT give permission to alter art work.
‣ Licenses will be valid, unless terms and agreements have been violated.


‣ Full payment must ready before sending an order form.
if payment is not received within 72 hours after invoice has been sent out, you will be removed from the waitlist
‣ Refunds are not accepted. This is non negotiable.
‣ All prices are in USD.
‣ Payments are made through PayPal only, via an invoice.
‣ All commissioners must pay a 5% fee which covers tax and fees.
‣ Tips are not mandatory, but appreciated! If you'd like to tip after I complete your commission, click here - Kofi


‣ Commissions will be completed within roughly 2-6 weeks.
‣ Updates and communication will be through Twitter DMs.
‣ Updates will be sent during the sketch phase, revision phase, final line work stage, then of course the final product.
‣ Any reasonable changes during the sketch phase will be accepted.
‣ Any major changes after the final line work has been completed, will be an extra charge.
‣ Redrawing and starting over from a blank canvas will incur fees.

copyright/usage policy

I (Tina, Tinaapng), retain all rights to your commission.
‣ Please credit me where applicable.
‣ If you plan on creating profitable merchandise of the art, we will have to discuss an agreement and a licensing fee will be added.
The commissioner is allowed to:
Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.
‣ Have the artwork animated by another artist.
‣ Use the artwork for icons, banners, overlays, and any graphics for your social media.
‣ Make stickers or prints for personal use, as long as it is not being produced for profit.
The following is considered Copyright Infringement:
‣ Creating merchandise out of the copyrighted artwork commercially, without purchasing a merchandise license.
‣ Taking credit for the creation of the artwork.
‣ Removing watermarks or signatures.
‣ Altering the artwork without my consent.